Lorenzo Chinnici


The crucifixion presented in this church to believers and non believers alike, comments Professor G. Anania, an artistic masterpiece of ten metres in length and approximately five metres in height -is born from the intense interior anguish of the artist, Renzo Chinnici, in the moment of his creative act and his reflections on the sublime sacrifice of Christ, made man in the womb of the virgin mary, to redeem humanity from sin.
Lorenzo Chinnici in the act of his creation lights his fire and grasps the objective meaning of new content, of new forms of a painting disgorged from the depths of his soul the soul of an authentic believer. He translates in colour and form his concept of the crucifixion, allowing the observer to see with amazement, with trembling reflection.The sacred representation of Lorenzo Chinnici which springs from a deep act of faith is given not only to the faithful believers in the hope of reinforcing even more the faith of those who already possess it, but also to open, rather to throw wide open to god the doors to the heart of the agnostic and the indifferent.
The composition of the work is divided into two distinct zones, to the right of the viewer one sees the crowd gathered on Golgota, amongst whom stands out the young John who is turning his gaze towards the sad Mary and the ancient Joseph of Arimatea with a dumbfounded expression. These are personalities of much spiritual fascination.
To the left are depicted Roman Centurions with red tunics, with sandals and knee length boots, with banners, lances and helmets. All of whom display an attitude between menacing and perplexed. In any case they are all figures which, once seen, can never be forgotten.
At the centre of the work is Christ crucified stoneyfaced with pain, made marblelike by the intense physical suffering, a face dominating and intensely magnetic.
Worthy of note is the figure of Mary Magdalene who, with her long disarrayed hair is prostrate at the base of the cross in a gesture of great love.
Lorenzo Chinnici, holds a highly respected position in the difficult world of contemporary art by virtue of a personal and incisive mastery of colour, not to mention a deep awareness of design and perspective, with the present sacred representation he leaves of himself to time a mark of no small importance, albeit with different judgments.